Scooter Diving

The operation and handling of an underwater scooter, as well as the appropriate technical maintenance requires a certain minimum of technical understanding and knowledge, a certain minimum level of diving skills and competence and an appropriate equipment configuration.

As any moving object may represent a potential danger to other persons in its vicinity, the driver must also have a distinctive feeling of responsibility for all his/her doing.

Therefore, PTRD does NOT endorse, promote or otherwise recommend the use of such devices, even at recreational diver course level, for:

-persons of less than 16 years of age

-divers not having at least a PTRD 2star diving certificate (or equivalent)

-divers without the proper training as received in a PTRD (or otherwise) sanctioned scooter diver course

-divers not meeting the minimum requirements for mandatory equipment and its configuration (ref. to
standards and training program for PTRD scooter diver courses)

-diving beyond the limits as set by the diver’s certification level or the operational limits set by the manufacturer of such a device (whichever applies first)

Having appropriate private liability insurance with a minimum coverage of 2 millions Euros (2018 ref.) is absolutely mandatory.

By no means and under no circumstances, must scooters or any other towing devices be used as a substitute
for the lack of physical fitness.


Technical classification of scooters

-Class 1 (Recreational): Recreational Scooter Diver 1

Class 1 identifies all scooters with technical specifications that only meet recreational dive specifications with a single tank and within the limits of 2star PTRD (or comparable levels of other organisations).
Class 1 (or higher class) scooters are suitable for the PTRD Recreational Scooter Diver 1 certification courses.

-Class 2 (Tec): Technical Scooter Diver 2
Class 2 identifies all scooters with technical specifications that meet class 1 dive specifications and technical diving specifications in non-overhead environments, and within the limits of a PTRD 3 Star Diver in combination with technical diving certifications, such as Nitrox and Trimix (or comparable levels of other organisations). Class 2 (or higher class) scooters are to be used for the PTRD Tec Scooter Diver certification courses.

-Class 3 (Overhead environment): OHE Scooter Diver 3
Class 3 identifies all scooters with technical specifications that meet the previous two classes and are suited for all types of technical dives in natural or artificial overhead environments, such as cavern, caves, wrecks, mines, submerged buildings, under ice. Class 3 scooters are mandatory for the PTRD Overhead Environment Scooter Diver certification courses.

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