The intent of the Decompression CCR Diver program is to provide divers with the training necessary to independently plan and conduct unit specific decompression dives using air or Trimix with a minimum of 20% oxygen and a maximum of 35% Helium, to a maximum depth of 40 meters with air diluent or 45 meters with Trimix, using decompression mixtures of up to 100% oxygen and utilizing CCR diving procedures with a dive buddy diving on a rebreather or diving open circuit.

Note: The CCR Decompression Diver with Trimix curriculum is near identical to the Air-diluent program. Air should only be used if Helium is not an option.

-An advanced level of Nitrox understanding. This is to include but not limited to the use of gases up to 100% Oxygen for decompression, tracking of CNS and OTU’s, gas planning and accelerated decompression.
-Have logged 40 open water dives
-Minimum Age: 18
-CCR diver with minimum 20 dives / 20 hours on the specific unit
-Minimum age: 18

-Recommended hours for course completion: 40
-Minimum number of days: 4
-Minimum number of hours for Academics and Dry practical: 8

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