Extended Range Nitrox Diving

This training programme aims at widening the experience gained since becoming an Advanced Nitrox Diver through theory and techniques. This course will include training in accelerated decompression techniques. It will make candidates aware of the additional risks involved while undertaking this type of diving.

Competencies of a certified PTRD Extended Range Nitrox Diver

A PTRD Extended Range Nitrox Diver shall be trained such that when assessed by a PTRD Instructor, he shall be deemed to have sufficient knowledge, skill and experience:

-To plan, conduct, and log EAN open-water dives that can involve in-water, decompression stops using Nitrox mixes up to and including pure oxygen, when properly equipped with inservice oxygen clean Scuba and accompanied by a SCUBA diver of at lease equal training.

-To be aware of the additional risks attached to this type of diving and the use of pure oxygen.

-Be able to undertake this type of diving at altitude depending on the local rules.

-Be able to plan dives, select and use the correct mix and gas usage.

-Be able to demonstrate an understanding of depth discipline when using pure oxygen. The permitted depth is limited to a maximum of 56 meters (or to the maximum depth permitted by national standards) subject to a 1.4 pO2 for diving and 1.6 pO2 for stage stops.

Prerequisites for participation in the training programme

In order to gain access to the Extended Range Nitrox Diver Training Programme, the participant shall:

-Hold a PTRD AdvancedNitrox Diver or equivalent certification.

-Have a minimum of 50 Nitrox dives logged.

-Completethe medical history/statement form required by the PTRD National Federation prior to participating in any in-water activities.

-Sign the appropriate form(s) as required by the PTRD Federation acknowledging and assuming the risks of SCUBA diving prior to participating in any in-water activities. Parental or legal guardian signature is required on the appropriate form(s) when the applicant is a minor.


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