Cave Diving

The PTRD Cave Diver 1 Training Programme (Cavern Diver) is designed to develop the minimum skills and knowledge for cavern and overhead environment diving within the limits of light penetration, in addition it outlines specific hazards associated with cave diving. The objective of this course is to train divers in the proper planning, procedures, techniques and hazards of cavern diving. It provides non-PTRD trained divers with a gateway to PTRD training. Penetration is limited to one-third (1/3) of available gas volume; Maximum fifty (50) linear meters from the surface; Maximum twenty (20) meters in depth.


The PTRD Cave Diver 2 course represents the second step of the training required to complete the PTRD Cave Diver level 3 (Full Cave Diver) and develops basic cave diving skills with limited penetrations of the cave environment. This programme introduces students to the fundamental principles of full cave diving, but is not intended to cover all facets of full cave diving. Students are highly encouraged to move on to the next level of training before attempting to plan and execute more complex dives. Penetration is limited to one-third (1/3) of available gas volume; Thirty (30) meters maximum depth;


The PTRD Cave Diver 3 course is the third level of training in the series of PTRD Cave Diver development programmes. Advanced cave dive planning, the practical execution of different types of cave systems and scenarios divers encounter are presented. This cave diving course is not intended to prepare divers for evaluating all facets of cave diving. The objective of this course is to expand and critique previous skills obtained in the Cave Diving programs. Emphasis is put on dive planning and skill perfection during cave penetration. The Cave Diver 3 course focuses on advanced cave diving planning and execution. This is the final step in the progression from Cave Diver 1 to Cave Diver 3. Techniques learned through earlier courses are fully developed and refined, with the cave diver exposed to more sophisticated cave diving scenarios. Penetration is limited to the one-third (1/3) breathing gas rule; Forty (40) meters maximum equivalent air depth (EAD).

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