Trimix Recreational Diving

The aims and objectives of this training are:

-To provide the candidate with a clear understanding of subject matter related to Recreational Trimix diving including the practical use of the additional diving and associated equipment.

-To provide a clear understanding of the psychological and physiological aspects of diving at the limits of traditional sports diving.

-To provide a clear understanding of the physical and physiological aspects of adding Helium to ones breathing gas.

-To provide a clear understanding of the extended dive planning required for Recreational Trimix diving

-To provide a clear understanding of the additional risk associated with deep diving including knowledge about how to asses and mitigate risks

Course entry qualifications

-Minimum age 16 years.

-Diving qualification: PTRD 2 Star Diver or equivalent and PTRD NITROX Diver or equivalent qualification from a recognized diver training agency.

-Minimum number of logged qualifying dives: Candidates must show proof of a minimum of 50 logged dives plus a minimum of 10 Nitrox dives.

-Medical declaration: Candidates must provide a medical declaration of fitness to dive, as set out

by PTRD general standards.

-Equipment: Candidate will provide all necessary diving equipment to complete this course.

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