Rescue Diver


This program provides minimum course content requirements for instruction leading to entry-level rescue diver certifi cation in recreational diving with scuba (self-contained underwater breathing apparatus).

However, these requirements should under no conditions be considered to defi ne a level of optimum rescue diver training. Instructional programs that extend beyond these requirements should, in fact, be encouraged. Some states, provinces or countries may have additional regulations for rescue diver training.

Instructors should be aware of requirements in their local areas and adhere to the additional protocols when conducting training.

The requirements of this program are meant to be comprehensive, but general in nature. That is, the standard presents all the subject areas essential for recreational rescue diver certifi cation, but it does not give a detailed listing of the skills and information encompassed by each area. PTRDs shall publish detailed course outlines that meet this standard, which would include specific techniques and recommendations for teaching. Further, this standard is general in nature, applicable to recreational diving. It is not intended to meet requirements for professional dive rescue and water safety teams. Courses taught under these general standards can, however, provide a solid foundation for additional rescue training. Rescue Divers should be encouraged to practice their rescue skills often after certifi cation to foster skill retention and familiarity, and to take rescue refresher courses.

Although the information categories are outlined in what may appear to be a logical sequence, the outline shall not be viewed as a lesson plan. That is, the order in which the information is presented in this standard, while logical as a framework for the basic requirements of this standard, does not necessarily defi ne the sequence of a class lesson plan. Similarly, the requirements presented in this standard do not indicate the emphasis that should be placed upon a particular subject area, or the manner in which subjects are to be taught. Rather, course outlines, lesson plans, and other training aids prepared by PTRDs responsible for recreational diver training shall be used as guidelines for the sequencing and emphasis of course content requirements presented in this standard. Decisions as to sequencing and emphasis are at the discretion of the certifying instructor within the requirements of the instructor’s PTRD, to be made within the context of environmental factors, student characteristics, and other relevant considerations.

Rescue diver training serves to help the recreational diver understand common causes of dive emergencies; helps the diver avoid dive accidents; and prepares the diver to give assistance to another diver in trouble. It is the intent of this standard that divers will receive rescue diver training fundamentals from an instructor.

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