Nitrox Diving

Nitrox or EAN (Enriched Air Nitrox) diving
The Nitrox Diving (or oxygen enriched air) course is the most famous specialty diving course in the world, and it’s easy to understand why. Nitrox enriched air diving gives you more diving time without decompression. It means more time underwater, especially indicated in successive dives.

You can stay longer in immersion and return to the water sooner. It is not surprising that many divers choose it as their first specialty.

This program contains all the necessary subjects required to obtain the certification of:

certified with ISO 11107, equivalent to CMAS Nitrox Diver and RSTC EAN.

It has been drafted based on the EUF/ISO, CMAS, and RSTC standards guidelines.

Once you do the theory and pass the evaluation,


and your instructor teaches you to dive safely using Nitrox such so you:

  • have the competence to dive with Nitrox mixtures with oxygen content up to and including 40%.
  • are aware of the additional risks of diving with Nitrox.
  • are aware of the necessity of dive planning when using Nitrox dives.
  • are able to select the correct Nitrox mix for the plan maximum operating depth (MOD).
  • can demonstrate an understanding of the need for dive depth discipline when using Nitrox as the
    breathing mixture.
  • can demonstrate an understanding of “Oxygen Clean” and Oxygen Compatibility”


On completion of this course the successful candidate will be able to:

  • identify the advantages and disadvantages of diving with Nitrox.
  • demonstrate their knowledge of the physiology related to this level of Nitrox diving.
  • demonstrate an understanding of the safe use of Nitrox diving equipment.

In this course if your instructor decides to do some dives, please, remind that you must to record all the dives that you make in your logbook, it is also mandatory in various countries, such as Spain. In this way, you will be able to prove your experience in different environments and diving situations to be able to opt for higher courses. Click on the DIVING LOGBOOK image to download a printable copy.

Please note that internationally, each country can have its own diving regulation, and set restrictions of any kind. Stay informed before diving.


PTRD, in compliance with the most restrictive legislation, requires the participants of its courses the following requirements prior to its start:

Your PTRD instructor (which must be at least PTRD 1 Star Instructor) must inform you beforehand of their school’s own requirements, the price of your course, the conditions of completion and completion of the course, as well as having at your disposal the documentation of your obligatory Civil Liability and Accident insurance.

In addition to all the administrative documentation, you will need specific equipment for the activity, which includes scuba cylinders, weights, BCD, regulator, suit, fins, mask, snorkel… and which is normally provided by the school, or you must be informed beforehand if not. It is recommended that you attend the course with your own diving equipment or, at least, with your deco buoy, spool, and diving mask.

You can study the theory online or download the manual, Nitrox tables, and decompression tables:



















The theory content is:

lesson 1: What is Nitrox?

lesson 2: Physics of diving with Nitrox

lesson 3: Medical issues

lesson 4: Use of dive tables and dive computers

lesson 5: Nitrox equipment

lesson 6: Nitrox handling risk


Exam: your instructor will exam you during the practical skills.

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