Nitrox Diving


The aims of this programm is to teach candidates to dive safely using Nitrox such so they:

-have the competence to dive with Nitrox mixtures with an oxygen content up to and including 40%.

-are aware of the additional risks of diving with Nitrox.

-are aware of the necessity of dive planning when using on Nitrox dives.

-are able to select the correct Nitrox mix for the plan maximum operating depth (MOD).

-can demonstrate an understanding of the need for dive depth discipline when using Nitrox as the breathing mixture.

-can demonstrate an understanding of “Oxygen Clean” and Oxygen Compatibility”.

Course Pre-requisites:

-Minimum age: 14-years

-Entry Qualifications: PTRD 1 Star Diver or this programme may be included to into the PTRD 1 Star Diver Course.

-Minimum Number of dives: The candidate must at lease be at the appropriate point in the PTRD 1 Star Diver for air diving.

-Fitness to dive: A valid medical assessment according to PTRD General Standards.

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