Dry Suit Diving


In general the dry suit is used by divers to provide thermal protection. The temperature of the water is not the only factor; the duration of the dive is also very important. Divers have suffered hypothermia, even in tropical waters, where the sea temperature can be in the thirties (+30oC or +86oF), this was due long exposure times.

It should not be ignored that these suit also provide protection from a number of environmental hazards.

The beauty of the dry suit is its flexible nature allowing a verity of types of underclothes to be worn to match the challenges of the dive.

The training aims and objectives are to provide candidates with information on the following:
-Clear understanding of what is involved in diving with a Dry suit if a person has not dived in one previously or is intending purchasing one.
-Provide a clear understanding of the types of dry suit available, including their advantages and disadvantages.
-Environmental parameters – water temperature range and other environmental protection offered by different dry suit types.

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