Compressor Operator

The PTRD Compressor Operator Training Programme is designed to provide divers with proper training in dive compressor operation and to help the student diver develop the skills, knowledge and techniques necessary for the safe use of diving compressors and filling dive cylinders.

Competencies of a certified PTRD Compressor Operator

A PTRD Compressor Operator shall be trained such that when assessed by a PTRD Instructor, he shall be deemed to have sufficient knowledge, skill and experience to operate a dive compressor and to fill dive cylinders.

Prerequisites for participation in the training programme

In order to gain access to the Compressor Operator Training Programme, the participant shall:

-Be at least eighteen (18) years of age; there is no upper limit;

-Sign the appropriate form(s) as required by PTRD acknowledging and assuming the risks of Compressor operation prior to participating in any practical activities.

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