Advanced Skills Diving

Aim of the training programme

The  PTRD Advanced Skills Training Programme is designed to cultivate the essential skills

required for sound diving practice, irrespective of level or environment. It performs a three-fold

function: It provides the recreational diver, who does not desire further diver training, with an

opportunity to advance his/her basic diving skills, thereby developing more comfort, confidence,

and competence in the water. It provides the diver with aspirations of more advanced diver training

with the tools that will contribute to a greater likelihood of success. It provides non- PTRD trained

divers with a gateway to  PTRD training.

Competencies of a certified  PTRD Advanced Skills Diver

A  PTRD Advanced Skills Diver does not receive additional competencies, he shall be trained

such that when assessed by a  PTRD Instructor, he shall be deemed to have sufficient

knowledge, skill and experience to dive using advanced skills within the parameters of his  PTRD

Diver qualifications or those applicable to the other divers training certifications he already holds.

Prerequisites for participation in the training programme

In order to gain access to the Advanced Skills Training Programme, the participant shall:

-Be at least fourteen(14) years of age; there is no upper limit;

-Hold a  PTRD One Star Diver or equivalent certification;

-Effectively demonstrate his basic waterman ship ability by performing, to a  PTRD Instructor, the prescribed physical conditioning and waterman ship evaluation of the  PTRD National rules;

-Complete the medical history/statement form required by the  PTRD National rules prior to participating in any in-water activities; and

-Sign the appropriate form(s) as required by the  PTRD National rules acknowledging and assuming the risks of SCUBA diving prior to participating in any in-water activities. Parental or legal guardian signature is required on the appropriate form(s) when the applicant is a minor.


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