Junior Open Water Diver


ISO 24801.2,

Competencies of a certified PTRD Junior Open Water Diver

A PTRD Junior Open Water Diver shall be trained such that when assessed by a PTRD Instructor, he shall be deemed to have sufficient knowledge, skill and experience to procure air, equipment, and other diving services and to plan, conduct, and log open-water dives that do not require mandatory in water decompression stops, with the supervision of an adult certified Diver, when properly equipped, provided the diving activities undertaken, the diving conditions and the diving area are similar, equal or better to those in which training was received.

A PTRD Junior Open Water Diver is qualified to dive within the following parameters:

-To use air as a breathing gas;

-To make dives which do not require mandatory in-water decompression stops;

-To make dives during normal daylight hours;

-To dive in environments where direct vertical access to the surface is possible;

-To dive only when appropriate support is available at the surface; and

-To dive under conditions that are equal or better than the conditions in which he was trained.

-To dive to a recommended maximum depth of Twelve (12) meters with
the supervision of an adult certified Diver

Prerequisites for participation in the training programme

In order to gain access to the PTRD Junior Open Water Diver Training Programme, the participant shall:

-Be at least ten (10) years of age; there is no upper limit. Parental or legal guardian signature is required on the appropriate form(s).

-Effectively demonstrate his basic watermanship ability by performing, to a PTRD Instructor, the prescribed physical conditioning and watermanship evaluation of the PTRD Diving School;

-Complete the medical history/statement form required by the PTRD Diving School prior to participating in any in-water activities. Documented evidence shall be obtained that the student has been medically screened as suitable for recreational diving by means of an appropriate questionnaire or medical examination. In any case of doubt, or at the scuba instructor’s discretion, students shall be referred to proper medical resources. If the student is not examined by a physician the student shall be obliged to confirm by signature that he or she has understood written information given by the scuba instructor on diseases and physical conditions which may pose diving related risks. Students shall be advised of the importance of appropriate regular medical examinations.

NOTE In some countries and training organizations a medical examination is mandatory.


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