Marine Biology Diver

Marine Biology Course
Minimum 2 days
6 theoretical teaching units 
6 practical teaching units 
2-4 dives

Aim of course
– to introduce divers to marine life and marine sciences
– to increase awareness for marine life
– to promote the idea of sustainable diving and to create multiplicators for these ideas
– to introduce important marine animal and plant groups and their biology
– to increase the everyday personal experience of divers for marine ecosystems on the
background of better knowledge on the interrelationships of its parts

Student performance objectives
By the end of the course the diver should
– be familiar with basic marine biological and oceanological processes in the sea
– be able to identify important animal and plant groups
– dive sustainably due to his/her more comprehensive understanding of marine life

Prerequisites for participants
– age of 16 years
– PTRD Entry Professional Diver or equivalent
– valid medical certificate

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