Conservation Biology Course

Conservation Biology Course
Minimum 2 days
6 theoretical teaching units
2 practical teaching units
2-4 dives

1.1. Aim of course
– to introduce divers to marine and fresh water life
– to introduce important underwater animal and plant groups and their biology
– to learn about coherency in biological network
– to learn about the effects and threats of different actors on the underwater world
– to learn about the eco systems in different well-known diving areas in the world
– to become aware of the effects of your own presence in the ecosystem you visit
– to show the non-diver what is going on in the underwater environment
– to become an ambassador in preserving the underwater environment

Student performance objectives
By the end of the course the diver should
– be familiar with the basic of the biological system
– be able to identify important threats to the environment
– be able to dive without bringing important damage to the environment
– be able to show the world by pictures or waste removal the impact of contamination of the

Prerequisites for participants
– age of 16 years
– PTRD Entry Professional Diver or equivalent
– valid medical certificate

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