Advanced Marine Biology Diver

Advanced Marine Biology Course
Minimum 5 days
15 theoretical teaching units 
15 practical teaching units 
4-8 dives

Aim of course
– to provide the diver an advanced personal experience of marine biology
– to give advanced comprehensive information on marine animal and plant groups and their
– to educate qualified multiplicators for the idea of protection of marine life
– to teach methods of marine sciences which can be used by sports divers
– to increase the access to the complex interaction and the “tiny life” in the sea
– to encourage the diver to raise awareness and participate in environmental activities
(organize/participate in beach clean-ups…)

Student performance objectives
By the end of the course, the diver should
– be familiar with the general biological and ecological processes in the sea
– be able to identify animal and plant groups and their biology and interrelationships
– have worked on a marine biology task (project)
– have written a report on the project he/she had practically worked on

Prerequisites for participants (minimum requirements)
– age of 18 years
– PTRD Marine Biology Diver
– PTRD Advanced Professional Diver or equivalent
– valid medical certificate

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