Swift Water Public Safety Operator

This program is designed to provide information and hands on training to students/team members who may need to respond to a swift water call where no water entry is practical or possible. Swift water is typically found in high hills, mountain areas or in flash flood areas designed for moving water away and represents water in a natural setting moving downhill. With large scale flooding now common in rural and urban environments, moving water may be swift and the need for safe and effective training programs are in demand.
The purpose of the PTRD Swift Water program is to provide necessary skills and knowledge in performing life saving operations in swift water, and the importance of understanding the dangers of moving water such as
strainers and hydraulics.

Five courses offered:

Courses vary depending on river environments, tasks, and responsibilities. All course have the same core fundamentals of hazard assessment and personal safety.

The courses are also designed specifically for the “zone” you operate in. From the Cold Zone (away from the river) to the Hot Zone (actively swimming or working in the water).

If you send workers into the swiftwater environment or you yourself have a responsibility to respond to the swiftwater there is a course for you.

1- Swift Water Safety Rescue Awareness

This awareness course is the first step in your safety and rescue training. This comprehensive course covers topics of how the river works, basic equipment needs, safety and rescue applications and more.

This is a course that takes up to 4 hrs to complete and is the prerequisite for the Swift Water PSO Courses.

2- Swift Water PSO Level 1 – Safety

This is the first practical course in the swiftwater environment which is geared for the student to understand and avoid the hazards associated in the swiftwater.

The students experience how to mitigate hazards and develop personal safety skills in a practical river environment. This course is designed for those that would work up to the river’s edge.

3- Swift Water PSO Level 2 – Operations

This course is designed to give the student the practical knowledge and skills to operate safely in a low risk and shore based environment.  Basic safety and self rescue, entrapments, swimming, wading, and the simple systems are all performed in this course.

4- Swift Water PSO Level 3 – Technician

Need to perform in water rescues or work in medium to high risk environment, then this is your course.  Working from simple to complex systems and focusing on third party rescues are all performed beyond the skills previously taught in the other courses.

Swimming in Class 2-3 whitewater, contact rescues and scenarios are the focus of this training course.

5- Swift Water PSO Level 4 – Advanced

All previous performed skills are put to the test along with the introduction of high risk and complex systems and scenarios.

Canyons, Class 4 whitewater, flooding, Swiftwater Ropes and vehicles are introduced in this intense course.  We focus on building Team Leadership and advanced problem solving.

Student Prerequisites
1. 18 years old
2. Should be a member of a Emergency First Response group
3. Must be a good swimmer, in good health and comfortable working in
the water
4. CPR / AED / O2 / First aid certified



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