Public Safety Diver 2

The PSD 2 program is designed to enable the student to develop detailed knowledge and advanced skills in emergency response diving. It also serves as a base to develop experience and as a prerequisite for PSD 2
level Specialties and PSD Supervisor. This course may be taught in conjunction with PSD 1 at the discretion of the instructor.

Student Prerequisites
1. PSD 1 or equivalent
2. Minimum age 18
3. Current BLS, first aid and oxygen administration certification
4. 10 or more logged public safety dives either training or operational dives beyond PSD 1 with a recognized public safety dive team.

Qualifications of Graduates
Upon successful completion of this course, Public Safety Diver 2 may engage in rescue and recovery operations and activities under the direct authority of a sanctioned emergency response team provided that the activities, geography and environmental conditions do not exceed the level of training.

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