Public Safety Diver 1

This course will train successful candidates in the basic skills necessary for participation in limited open water public safety diving activities. The Public Safety Diver 1 will be able to operate as a team member and support person within a dive team organization.

Student Prerequisites
1. PTRD 1 Star Diver certification or equivalent
2. Current BLS, first aid and oxygen administration certification
3. Minimum age 18
It is the PSD Instructor’s responsibility to evaluate a candidate’s open water skills prior to starting any emergency response diving water skills.

Qualifications of Graduates

Upon successful completion of this course, Public Safety Diver 1 may engage in basic public safety diving activities without direct supervision. Graduates may also participate in limited application recovery/rescue operations, providing that:
1. The Public Safety Diver 1 operates under the supervision of a team supervisor
2. Operations are limited to 18 metres 
3. Operations are conducted in conditions consistent with his training
4. Dive profiles are kept within no decompression limits
Upon successful completion of this course, graduates are qualified to enroll in:
1. PSD Specialties
2. PSD 2 Course

Tender Public Safety Operator
Upon successful completion of the tender portion of this course, graduates are qualified to:
1. Tend public safety divers in open water
2. Participate in the planning and execution of public safety diving operations

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