PSD Instructor

The PSD Instructor Course is designed to train current open water instructors with public safety diver experience, current open water instructors teaching independent public safety diver specialties and other
public safety diver instructors. The program is divided into 2 sections, an instructor development course (IDC) and an instructor evaluation course (IEC).

Student Prerequisites
1. Minimum age 18
2. Have a current medical examination for diving
3. Be certified as PTRD Dry Suit PSD and PTRD Full Face Mask PSD or
4. Be certified as a PTRD Master Instructor or equivalent
5. Must have logged at least 100 dives, of which 75 need to be public safety dives, combined operational and training, as a member of a recognized public safety dive team
6. Current CPR, first aid and oxygen administration certification

Qualifications of Graduates
Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may teach:
1. PSD Tender
2. PSD 1
3. PSD 2
4. PSD Supervisor

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