Hull Inspection PSD


The purpose of the PTRD Hull Inspection course is to provide the team members the necessary skills and knowledge to:

-search the hulls of vessels in port and at anchor as part of security screening, evidence recovery or other purposes.

-conduct hull inspections while identifying hazards not only to the team members but the public as well such as pollution, explosive recognition, contraband and the physical hazards such as overhead environment, intakes, exhaust, steering mechanisms and other dangers.

Underwater hull inspections are considered an overhead environment and as such require additional training, safety measures and team protocols when these operations are occurring.

Student Prerequisites
1. Minimum age 18
2. Certified as PSD 1 or equivalent
3. DAN BLS or equivalent
4. DAN O2 FIRST AID or equivalent

Qualifications of Graduates
Upon successful completion of the PTRD Hull Inspection PSD program, students will have developed the knowledge and skills necessary to plan and execute protocols, search patterns and hazards to successfully conduct vessel hull inspections.


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