Underwater Crime Scene PSD

This course is designed to provide information and hands on training to certified Peace Officer, Coroners, Deputy Coroners, Certified Medico legal Investigators and non-Peace Officer members to include, search and recovery dive personnel, rescue personnel who may respond to an in water evidence search or water related drowning. Evidence search may include items of interest or cadavers.
The purpose of the PTRD Underwater Crime Scene PSD program is to provide necessary skills and knowledge in performing underwater crime scene investigations, preservation and proper documentation for court ready testimony.

Student Prerequisites
1. Minimum age 18
2. Certified as PSD 1 or equivalent
3. DAN BLS or equivalent
4. Should be an active member of a law enforcement investigation agency oremergency first response group.

Qualifications of Graduates
This course is for law enforcement and emergency response personnel who may be first on the scene of a underwater crime scene investigation.
Responders are expected to understand the constitution, responding, preparing the crime scene, death investigations, medical aspects, fingerprints, characteristics of bodies in water, recovery procedures, and court ready documentation.

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