The tender/diver is assigned by the diving supervisor or Designated Diving Person in Charge (DPIC) to perform various duties, which may include:
• Continuously tend a diver.
• Preparate and support the dive until its completion.
• Support any in-water decompression as required.
• Assist the diver in dressing and undressing.
• Confirm that the diver’s equipment is functioning properly and inform the diving supervisor that the diver is ready.
• Tend the diver’s umbilical (keeping at least one hand on the umbilical at all times) and be aware of the diver’s depth and location at all times. Set up and operate all equipment as directed by the diving supervisor, DPIC or his or her representative.
• Perform routine maintenance on diving equipment.
• Repair such equipment as he or she is qualified to check-out to repair.
• Assist in topside work as required or directed.
• Be alert for and immediately report conditions that may be hazardous or unsafe.
• Maintain certification in first aid and CPR.
• Properly operate a decompression chamber as required for decompression or treatment as directed.
• Maintain communication with the chamber occupants.
• Properly complete all paperwork as required by employer policy and/or governmental regulations.
• Do not perform any other task while operating the chamber.
• Perform tasks as a diver or standby diver when directed by the supervisor. A tender/diver who dives shall be subject to the duties and responsibilities of a diver within the limitations of his or her assignment.
• When required, ride the chamber with the diver during decompression or treatment. This inside tender/diver must be familiar with and alert for the symptoms of oxygen toxicity.
• Report to the diving supervisor any recent medical treatment or illness so that a proper determination can be made concerning fitness and/or ability to dive.
• Immediately report all symptoms or suspected symptoms of DCS to the diving supervisor as early and accurately as possible.
• Report to the diving supervisor any defect or malfunction of the diving equipment provided for the diving operation.
• Read, understand and comply with all employer’s policies and applicable governmental regulations, as they relate to their qualifications or performance while engaging in diving operations.
In the event a tender/diver is assigned a task for which he or she does not feel qualified either by training and/or experience, he or she shall immediately inform the diving supervisor, DPIC or his or her representative.

• PTRD Entry-level/tender diver certification card.
• Before being exposed to hyperbaric conditions, the tender/diver must be medically certified as “fit to dive.”
• Valid CPR and first aid certification.
• High school graduate or equivalent and no less than 18 years old.


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