Practice Problems

Choose the correct option

1. After your surface interval your Letter Group is D. What is the deepest you could dive for 30 minutes and not enter required decompression?
2. You have an RNT of 76 minutes for a repetitive dive to 50 ft. What was your Group Designation Letter at the end of your SIT?
3. You wish to make a dive to 56 fsw for 25 minutes, what will your group letter be at the end of the dive?
4. A dive team has made a dive to 55 ft for 30 minutes. Without entering required decompression, how long a SIT must the team take before they may return to 55 ft for 40 minutes?
5. A “B” diver wants to dive to 60 fsw, what is her Adjusted No-Decompression Limit?
6. A dive team makes a dive to 80 fsw for 10 minutes followed by a 2:00 SIT, what is their RNT for a dive to 60 fsw?
7. You have an NDL of 20 minutes. To what depth would you be diving? This is not a repetitive dive.
8. You make a dive to 40 fsw for 205 minutes, what is your dive profile and repetitive group?
9. A ‘C’ diver wants to dive to 90 fsw for 15 minutes, what is his ESDT?
10. As an E diver, you take a 1:00 surface interval, what is your new group designation?
11. You have a required decompression stop for 1 minute at 20 ft and 69 minutes at 10 ft. How long was the dive and to what depth?

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