Lesson 8


1. All the divers should have at least a basic understanding of first aid and O2 administration.
2. Begin the ascent with no less than _____________ in the cylinder.
3. Before a dive it is good to carry out a thorough check with your buddy, helping him/her to prepare and put on the equipment before entering the water.
4. The pressure of the cylinder must be checked by taking 1 breaths from each regulator whilst watching the contents gauge.
5. After commencing final descent check your buddies kit for any air leaks.
6. Descending and ascending through the bubbles discharged by another diver below, can cause dizziness, try not to look at the bubbles.
7. A divelog well kept is a document that shows the divers experience but is of much less value than a certificate.
8. All weight belts must have a quick release buckle, which requires a positive action to open them

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