Lesson 4


1. Descending underwater the increase in pressure is constant at ______ Atmosphere every 10 metres.
2. A body immersed in a fluid is ______________by the column fluid above it.
3. While you dive, in order to evaluate the hydrostatic equilibrium, is important to consider the relation between volume and weight of:
4. The tendency of the body to float is:
5. “At a constant temperature the volume of a gas varies _____________ with absolute pressure while the density of a gas varies ________ with absolute pressure”
6. In the case of loss of regulator it is necessary to ascent and continue to
7. underwater the objects appear _____________by about 1/3, water also absorbs light, an effect that increases with wather depth.
8. Underwater sounds are transmitted ______________ because water has a greater density than air.
9. our body contains cavities filled with gas that subjected with pressure are compensated for in two ways:
10. Undewater it is always necessary to ____________ the mask

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