Three Star Instructor Trainer

(ISO 14413-2, CMAS 3 Star Instructor, RSTC Recreational Scuba Instructor Trainer)

(ISO 11107)

1 Definition

A fully experienced two star instructor who is competent

to take responsibility for the conduct of diving schools, events.

to train all grade of divers and instructors and centres, and specialised training courses and

2 Entry requirements

2.1 Must hold the 2 Star Instructor Certificate.

2.2 Must be at least 20 years old.

2.3 Must have gained considerable instructional experience since obtaining 2 Star Instructor Certificate,

probably including experience at Regional or National level.

3 Course content

It is not considered that this level will be reached following a course of fixed content, but rather

as the result of experience acquired over an extended period and incorporating a broad range

of conditions and requirements.

The instructor should have an excellent knowledge of all subjects covered in the diver and

instructor courses up to this grade, and should be thoroughly competent to teach all theoretical

and practical aspects of these courses. Additionally he should be capable of applying teaching

skills and experience to related topics not forming part of a standard course.

4 Assessment

In the ‘continuous assessment’ system the above knowledge and skills will be assessed at

various points during the instructor’s diving experience and the certificate will only be awarded

if the instructor 1s judged to have reached the required standard.

If the ‘testing’ system is used then the final assessment should establish the instructor’s ability

to carry out the following under all diving conditions.

5 Skills

5.1 Demonstrate the ability to control and lead a group df students in a dive planned to take place in

open water.

5.2 Demonstrate the ability to instruct a group of students in selected diving techniques in sheltered and

open water.

5.3 Demonstrate familiarity with the contents of the full range of Diver and Instructor courses and the

ability to teach groups of students in a surface/classroom situation and in open water.

5.4 Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively with students or other audiences at all times.

5.5 Demonstrate the ability to compose a training programme to. fit any stated requirement, location, or


The assessment will be made at a national level by a panel composed of selected 3 Star

Instructors appointed by the responsible National Technical Committee.


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