Four Star Nitrox Diver

1 Definition
A three star diver who has attained a higher than average level of knowledge and ability supported by
broad experience. He will be competent to use divers and diving to achieve major tasks or project

2 Entry requirements
2.1 Must have held a 3 Star Diver Certificate for at least 2 years.
2.2 Must have been a member of his Federation for at least 5 years.
2.3 Must have carried out at least 100 dives, under varying conditions, since obtaining 3 Star Diver

3 Course content
It is not considered that this level will be reached following a course of fixed content, but rather as the
result of experience acquired over an extended period and incorporating a broad range of conditions and

4 Assessment
The diver must be able to prove his capabilities in organising diving expeditions and other diving activities
with a particular stress on safety and emergency procedures, and by proving his competence in a given
specialised area or in a scientific discipline.
The assessment will be made at a national level by a panel composed of 3 Star Instructors and confirmed
by the responsible National Technical Committee.

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