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PTRD is an International official certification agency for diving levels. PTRD is ISO Certified by EUF, it is registered with S000786. PTRD is registered in the Generalitat Valenciana (Spain) with authorization nº A0067. PTRD is SDFS/CMAS member, it is registered with SEY/00/02. PTRD is DAN Business Partner and Dan Training School, it is registered with 662530. The PTRD programs strictly follow the ISO, CMAS, RSTC and Spanish standards.
PROFESSIONAL: Commercial Diving programs
PROFESSIONAL: Scientific Diving programs
PROFESSIONAL: Public Safety Diving programs
TECHNICAL: Nitrox, Trimix, Caving, Wreck, Rebreather and more technical Diving programs...
RECREATIONAL: Sport Scuba Diving programs
RECREATIONAL: Free, Apnoea and Snorkel Diving programs
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